Sciatica Treatment Passaic County

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica Treatment


There are a number of lower back pain conditions that may lead to sciatica. Mostly, a lumbar herniated disc can lead to sciatic nerve pain. Other common conditions that can cause sciatic pain encompass lumbar degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, osteophytes or arthritis in the spine. The common sciatica symptoms felt by the patient are nerve pain, tingling, numbness or weakness and are experienced by the patient in buttock, in the back of the thigh, or even in the toes.

Sciatica treatment

The goal of nonsurgical sciatica treatments offered by Hawthorne Pain and Spine is to offer relief from pain and any neurological symptoms that are caused by a compressed nerve root. There is a wide range of options accessible for treating sciatica. One of the most effective treatments extended by Hawthorne Pain and Spine for Sciatica in conjunction with specific exercises is the Sciatica treatment Passaic County through using Chiropractic manipulation.

Hawthorne Pain and Spine is a widely recognised healthcare provider in New Jersey in
offering high quality sciatica treatment to a wide clientele across New Jersey with result oriented outcomes. Our expert Chiropractors are well versed in rendering Sciatica treatment Bergen County through Chiropractic Adjustment of the lower back spinal and manual manipulation and focus on accomplishing better spinal column alignment, which in turn help address numerous underlying conditions that result in sciatic nerve pain. Our team of Chiropractors are well trained in manual manipulation without using any surgical intervention or medication that can pave the way for a better healing environment.

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