Services Offered

Services Offered

Services Offered

Do you…
Want to lose weight?
Want to gain muscle?
Need more energy?
Want to get rid of cravings?
Want to just feel better?
We are here to support you in finding a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and reaching all your wellness goals. Reach out to us today to start making health your lifestyle!


Nutrition Guidance Packages
Making healthy changes takes time and effort, it doesn’t happen overnight! This is why we offer packages for a minimum of one month to help get you started!


Packages Include:

– 45 min Initial Consultation
– 30 min Follow-up Sessions
– Unlimited email access to Nutritionist to address questions and concerns
– Recipe E-book (breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothie recipes)
– Discount on purchased supplements


Initial Consultation:

– Review completed new client health questionnaire and food diary
– Body fat, muscle mass, metabolism and body age analysis
– Nutrition Education
– S.M.A.R.T Goal setting
– Supplement Recommendations
– Customized Meal Plan


Follow Up Appointments:

– Review of food journals since last visit
– Alter meal plan as needed
– Tracking of body fat, muscle mass, metabolism and body age markers
– Review S.M.A.R.T goals and progress tracking


Package Options:

1 month: initial consultation & one follow up session
3 month: initial consultation & two follow up sessions
6 month: initial consultation & five follow up sessions